Monday, 5 September 2016

Better Day

Another day, another coach ride. I moan but it's actually quite nice to sit in traffic when you aren't the one driving, I feel like I've started work but I get to be lazy for a few more hours, kind of, not really.. that's actually properly the worst way to look at this situation actually. Never mind.

Anyway, if you didn't already know - I am now a Topshop Personal Shopper Assistant for the big boss store that is Oxford Circus. You think starting a new job is over whelming? Try starting one in Oxford Circus. It's crazy. I've got a two day induction, my first was yesterday and second today! Although yesterday was a little dull at times mainly because I already work for the company so those health and safety videos are enough to send you to sleep once, let alone twice! So on my way to my second day, I've got a day full of more paper work and more sitting on my arse so I'm not complaining. Although I am trying to juggle arranging viewings for flats in London at the same time but I am pretty calm considering. I think I've drained my body so much that it doesn't even have the energy to be like 'you need to be having a mental breakdown'.

I keep talking about breakdowns and tears, I'm not trying to put you all off going for you're goals, because I believe in a few month times when I am finally settled, I won't even be thinking about the crap I went through to get there, I'll just be thinking - Hey, I actually did it.
Genuinely this is the best and most exciting thing to ever happen to me. It's unreal how many doors this job is going to open for me and I am honestly freakin' jumping off the walls inside. If you've ever been offered something you literally could not turn down because well, you'd be the biggest idiot in the world then you know exactly how I feel right now or in fact if you've ever been offered your dream job you'll know! Styling is in short, my main career goal so being able to start off as a assistant to one in London is a pretty big deal for someone looking to get into freelance styling.

If you have ever considered working for Topshop, I honestly couldn't recommend a company more, If you've been following me for a while you'll know prior to this I worked at Next for 3/4 years and got absolutely no where - to be fair most of my knowledge on customer service has stemmed mainly from there but still. Within 1 year at Topshop I have jumped up 3 levels and now jumping all the way to London. That in it's self is enough to show how focused and helpful they can be with development, if you are just as determined as I was.

So with that I am going to try and catch some zzz's before I get to London. I am also working on some more outfit posts but a little tight for time to take piccys at the moment - I haven't even posted a quick one on Instagram and that is VERY unlike me but I will keep you all updated as it unfolds.


Sunday, 4 September 2016

New Job New City

New jobs are exciting right? Moving to a completely new city, exciting? Well no, not in my case - of course I'm excited for this new adventure but jesus christ is it stressful. Most people wouldn't of given themselves less than a few weeks to find somewhere to live, but I have made that very large mistake. I have lost count the amount of breakdowns I've had over the past couple of days, luck is so far from my side it's a joke and not a very funny one!

Where to begin... I started by weighing up my options, commuting, living costs etc and landed on booking an Airbnb for a week while I sorted out finding a place with my friend from my old job (easier said than done we are sadly discovering) so that was all sorted, I drove down yesterday with my parents and being the tit that I am, I didn't research the area AT ALL. I did it in such a stress induced, desperate manor that I well and truly.. um.. fucked up. In short, my dad actually refused to let me stay there! I've only used Airbnb once, for my trip to Amsterdam and I landed on the most beautiful apartment, the most amazing weekend away but this experience, not as magical.

Don't get me wrong Airbnb is fantastic, the lady who I would of been renting from was lovely but not so lovely when I was greeted by a man and not her - which was only the beginning. The area was enough to send me straight back to my bed and never leave. I'm not naive well not completely, I know parts of London aren't amazing but when you are living on your own, in a place you've never been before it can be terrifying.  I'll leave out all the details because honestly, I don't have the strength to relive them.

So right now, I'm sat on the coach, on my way to my first day thinking what better way to vent all this stress than through my blog - good excuse to get this baby up and running again. So if you are interested in reading the daily stresses of moving to London, starting a new job, all by someone screwing life up just as much as you are or more... HI GUYS

Tomorrow, how to deal with commuting from an absolute pro and what it's really like working inside one of the biggest retailers on the busiest street in London. I've just realised I haven't even told you the job but we'll keep that a secret for now (incase my breakdowns force me into hospital.. I am so melodramatic)


Sunday, 29 May 2016



Find this look here...

Fur Sliders & Bag . Zara / Faux Leather Jacket (similar) & Shirt (similar) . Topshop / Eyebrow Brush . Other Stories

As promised, today's post features the things I bought in London on Friday. Fur sliders... Rihanna's got her Puma line, sliders are EVERYWHERE but fur? How do you feel about them? I personally love, they definitely aren't everyones cup of tea but I've actually had a lot of compliments since buying/wearing them. These Zara ones have the perfect mix of grey, beige, white and black but each pair is totally different so I went for ones with a larger grey spot because grey is just life. You can style these one of two ways, simple or all out. In this look I've gone for minimalist style, plain white shirt with black ripped jeans and a leather jacket thrown over my shoulders. This gives the look a bit of edge. The second way to style these is inspired by the girl I saw getting off the bus in plain black fur sliders, I salute you girl, she'd styled hers with a teal bomber, plain white tee and a mini black bag. It looked so chic, I feel in love and ordered a teal bomber to wear with mine! I'll be doing a post on that look soon, when the jacket actually arrives! 

My second little purchase was from & Other Stories, I fell in love with this store when I came across it in London not long a go. Tucked away down a little street off of Oxford Street, it's a Instagrammers dream retail store. Everything is just so minimal and perfect. I've wanted to purchase something from their for a while, I've got my sights set on their jewellery! But the other day in London, I was desperate for a brow brush; I'm currently using one of those mini ones you get in the sets and it's just a pain so when I came across this one for only £7 I couldn't really go wrong. Their beauty range is just beautiful, the packaging, the quality and the range of products is just so lovely. They have the best smelling body stuff I've ever come across and I'm body shops biggest fan so it's hard to beat. 

In fur sliders and go to your nearest Other Stories ASAP 



Saturday, 21 May 2016


Event Details...

London - Camden 

HEY LITTLE ONES, as I told you all last week I have recently joined Access All Asos and finally had the time off and opportunity to go to one of the many events they host. This event was with Keds- the women's trainer company! So myself and my uni friend Jade headed down to London on Friday afternoon for some pre-event shopping before heading to Camden. We had a stroll around the sights, as you do in London and headed to Zara and & Other Stories (I will be doing a post next week on my purchases so watch this space) After, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed to ASOS HQ. A few mis-directions later, we arrived, greeted by the lovely staff at ASOS we signed in and took a seat; introducing ourselves to some of the other attendees and trying to calm our nerves! 

Once in the event room, we were offered alcohol - always goes down well with a crowd and sushi! Glass of champers in hand, we had a look around. WAH London and GHD had small stands offering a mini manicure and hair curling. Me and Jade, of course, took advantage of both these freebies. After a few minutes chit chatting with other bloggers and ASOS staff; we were introduced to a panel of 4 ASOS Experts including ASOS's own ASOS Isabella, have I said ASOS too enough... 

Anyway, they gave an incredible talk on everything from what's going on in Social Media, how to deal with those negative ninny's and what the future looks like. It was such a privilege to have been invited along and I am so glad I got meet such a lovely bunch of people and get some great advice from people really smashing it on social media. 

If you are part of Access All Asos, let me know below! And if you've been um-ing and aw-ing about going to an event, one word - GO. Oh! and for outfit details, check out my Instagram @itsallabbey. 


Monday, 16 May 2016



Find this look here...

Mom Jeans & Belt . Topshop / Bardot Top & Sandals (similar) . H&M 

I FINISHED UNI, Oh my god the relief I feel right now is just, I can't even put it into words - any graduates reading this you will understand the feeling but the best thing? Knowing I can finally get back to what I love, napping. No I'm joking, well I'm not but I am definitely loving having all this free time to blog, go out and enjoy the summer; for a week at least. 

So with time to myself this week, I have a couple of post prepared and lots to tell you all about. First- new job, well promotion kinda, as of June I will be the new Topshop Product TM in Oxford. Literally beyond excited to finally get to where I deserve after 4 LONG years in Retail! 


I am now part of 'Access All Asos' WOO WOO. For those of you who haven't heard of it- it's a community set-up by ASOS to help bloggers develop their social accounts, gain new contacts and basically get exclusive access to ASOS and it's brands. There are so many opportunities and awesome events to get involved in so if you love ASOS and have social media accounts like me, sign up and see if you get accepted here

Keep posted!